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Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
9th September 2014

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Bible passage: Psalms 123 & Psalms 124

Date: 09/09/2014


		The Present - Psalm 123

1 Principle of the Psalm

a servants look upward

i for commands

ii for generosity and mercy

b master look downward

i with contempt or

ii with mercy

2 Prayer of the Psalmist

a he looks up

i to the Lord our God enthroned in heaven

ii for mercy

b he is experiencing

i from the proud - those who have enough

ii contempt and scorn

c timing

i patience - for his mercy - waiting

ii impatience - had enough - pleading

The Past - Psalm 124

3 If … then …

a the LORD on our side

b Israel

c humanity against us

d swallowed, swept and swamped

4 Blessed be the LORD

a prey to their teeth

b snare of the fowlers

c our help

5 The LORD on our side

a cross

b resurrection

The Future