Why Even You Can Be A Christian

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
3rd September 2010

Tagged: acts


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Series: Acts 2010-2011 (13 of 30)
Bible passage: Acts 11

Date: 03/09/2010


		Why Even You can be a Christian

Acts 11

1	The New Testament and Us

	a	recounting history		

	b	abnormalities from the normalities

	c	their interests and ours

2	Jews and Gentiles

3	The Critical Acceptance of God’s Hand

	a	critical 

	b	the evidence

	c	Baptism
		i	baptize whom/why dispute
		ii	two views of Baptism with the Holy Spirit
		iii	the Bible’s teaching
		iv 	baptism with the Spirit
		v	evidence of grace

	d	the acceptance
		i	praise God v18
		ii	encouragement
		iii 	Provisions to be given to the people of Jerusalem

4 Today’s Jews and Gentiles

	a	division 

	b	uncritical acceptance

	c	critical rejection

	d	universal direction