Burning Desire (Obadiah/Malachi)

Burning Desire (Obadiah/Malachi)

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Publisher's description:

The smallest charges can be the most explosive. The books of Obadiah and Malachi are among the briefest in the Bible, but their contents are pure dynamite. Both prophets provide us with portraits of a God who can be passionate, weary with displeasure, possessive and angry. Even a God who hates. And yet this same God keeps his promises, does not change, and throws open the windows of heaven to those who turn to him. In the light of the gospel, Burning Desire explores the different fates of Jacob and Esau's descendants, one of which will be blessed with a Saviour who will rise from the ashes of judgment with "healing in his wings". An ideal study book for individuals and small groups who want to explore these two marvellous prophetic books.

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