Two ways to live: Know and share the gospel (Leader’s manual)

Two ways to live: Know and share the gospel (Leader’s manual)

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Publisher's description:

NEW EDITION We've gone back to square one with the well-known Two ways to live training course, and done extensive revision, in order to make it a more user-friendly and effective course for every Christian--because that's who it is aimed at. The seven-week course is designed to equip every Christian with two basic and essential things: (1) a sound and thorough knowledge of what the gospel is, and (2) the ability to share it with someone else clearly and naturally when the opportunity arises. This is the Leader's Manual for the course, which contains: - an extensive introduction to the course, explaining the rationale behind it, and offering tips for setting up the course in your church or fellowship; - notes for each session, including the aims of each part, how to lead it, and the key points to be communicated. As well as this Leader's Manual, leaders also need: - their own copy of the Participant's Manual (which they use in leading the course); - the Training Video or DVD (an optional but highly recommended resource, containing extra input for the leader as well as role plays and demonstrations to use throughout the course). The best way to purchase these resources is through one of our 'Start-up Bundles'.

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