Acts 2:1-14 Explaining The Pentecostal Experience

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
25th May 2012

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Explaining the Pentecostal Experience

Acts 2:1-41

1	The Pentecostal Experience
a	my
b	1 Corinthians
c	Acts 2

2	Describing the Pentecostal Experience
a	wind fire and tongues

	b	wonders of God
	c	varied responses

3	Possible clues
a	harvest festival
b	law giving
c	Babel

4	Luke’s Explanation

	a	prepared

	b	filled with the Holy Spirit
5	Peter’s Explanation

	a	The last days

	b	Jesus’ resurrection

	c	Christ’s resurrection

	d	Jesus Christ’s resurrection

	e	the response to the message

6	Explanation of the Pentecostal Experience

	a	an historical moment
       b	personal reality