Acts 9:32-43 When Holiness Is Wrong

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
13th September 2012

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When Holiness is Wrong

Acts 9:32-43

1	The Problem with Miracles
	a	not how
	b	but why

2	Peter on the Mat
	a	the holiness of the circumcision party 
	b	criticized him “you…ate with them”
	c	Peter’s astonishing defence

3	The Movement of Acts
	a	Jerusalem, Samaria, ends of the earth
	b	the obstacles of holiness
	c	Jews to Gentiles
	d	Peter to Saul

4	Peter’s Bona Fides
	a	with Jesus from the beginning
	b	eye witness of his majesty
	c	preacher of Pentecost and Jerusalem
	d	Samaritan mission
	e	the attested evangelist

5	The Classic Miracles
	a	Aeneas in Lydda
	b	Tabitha/Dorcas of Joppa
	c	Elijah and Jesus
	d	reversing the curse
	e	defiling the holy or sanctifying the unclean?

6	Preparing the Way