Zephaniah #2: The End Of Paganism

Cathedral Bible Study

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Originally Published:
27th October 2011

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 The End of Paganism

      Zephaniah 2:4-15

1    The Internal Warning

    a    against Judah

    b    the day

    c    perhaps

2    The External Warning
    a    Philistia (2:4-7)

    b    Moab and Ammon (2:8-11)

    c    Cush (2:12)

    d    Assyria (2:13-15)

3    The Promised Remnant

    a    the house of Judah (2:7)

    b    survivors (2:9)

    c    the nations (2:11)

4    The Great Reversal

    a    judgement beyond the temple

    b    perhaps becomes certain

    c    the remnant returns

    d    Jesus

    e    the nations

5    Awaiting the End of Paganism

    a    still awaiting

    b    knowing the certainties