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Past Episodes

Should Terrorists be Released?


Commit the crime, do the time, then what?

Establishment Evangelism


Did you hear the gospel at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral? 

The Queen’s King


What does the prophet see and understand when the great king dies? 

Preventing Protestant Priesthood


How can we keep God’s word as the main authority in our churches, rather than let it drift to the person who is teaching the word of God?

Seduction and Persecution


Persecution is what satan turns to when we reject his seductive ways. How should Christians face this reality and respond?

The Horror Verse of the Bible


God’s Word contains some uncomfortable truths; what we do with them matters.

The sermon on Psalm 137 referred to can be heard here.

Keeping Up With The…


When sport becomes an entertainment, players are enslaved.

How to overcome materialism’s seduction.

Work Life Balance


Why does the 4th commandment so often seem like the hardest one to keep? How do we help others to keep this commandment?

A fresh look at the Fourth Commandment.

What’s in a Name?


Names are intricately connected to identity and relationship – none more so than God’s. A study on the Third Commandment.

Jesus’ Gotcha Moment


What happens when the bride commits adultery on the wedding night? A study on the Second Commandment.

The Single Minded Marriage


The promises and requirements of a marriage illustrate what it means to live as God’s people in an exclusive and permanent relationship with Him – a study on the First Commandment.

Lest We Forget What?


One of the problems of our age is the overthrow of meaningful language. Words and phrases are emptied of their meaning and filled with emotion or manipulation. We feel the significance of the phrase “Lest We Forget”, but what do we mean when we say it?

Why is remembering important? What will happen if we forget?

“Just a Mum”


When we run from a knowledge of God and His Commands to honour our (fathers and) mothers, we also turn our backs on what is precious and unique about motherhood.

Larrikins: Bob and Shane


The recent and unexpected death of Shane Warne has put the spotlight on Shane great Aussie cricketer but also Shane the great Aussie larrikin.

In Australia we like a larrikin. They are full of life and the person we want to have at the party. However this attitude raises some questions for us and our society.



Is it ok to partake in a school fundraising raffle?

Recently in the news has been talk of organised crime and money laundering through gambling in casinos. How might Christians approach this subject?



In this episode, Phillip discusses the idea of censorship as a result of the controversy around the comments on the war in Ukraine that arose on the ABC Q&A program last week.

The Unforgivable Sin


What is the unforgivable sin? Are we in danger of Hell?

Phillip discusses the unforgivable sin and what that means for us living as Christians.

Shark Attack


Is the ocean really the shark’s domain? Are we prepared for sudden death?

This episode looks at the response the recent shark attack and thinking about sudden death.

Should Grace Tame Have Smiled?


Grace Tame, the 2021 Australian of the Year, is challenging our culture. But should she have smiled at the Prime Minister?

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