1 Timothy 2-3

Timothy’s Charge

Talk 3 of 6 given in the series Studies in 1 Timothy at Rotorua in NZ in 2015.

Talk Outline

  1. Fools Rush In…
    • universal religion -church and state
    • creation of men and women
    • appointment of elders and deacons
  2.  Basis of Apostolic Urging
    • first of all, then
    • I was appointed
    • chow to live the secret truth in God’s household
  3.  The Universality of the Gospel
    • prayers for all
      • subset are those in high position
      • affect everybody’s ability to be godly
    •  saviour who
      • desires all to know the truth
      • the one and the many
      • the mediatorial gift as a ransom for all
    •  to which Paul appointed
  4.  Men and Women
    • men everywhere at prayer
      • everywhere
      • holy hands
    • women of good works
      • rightly dressed
      • learning with all submissiveness
  5.  Elders and Deacons
    • terminology and ministries
    • character > competencies
    • key characteristics
    • managing the household -teaching the secret

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