Now we are in Advent, we are very conscious that it is less than a month away from the day that has been designated for centuries as the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There can be no doubt in the secular world that we are getting closer to the holiday season, with more and more colour and action, parties and purchases.

We are very fortunate this year to have the support of the City Council. The Council has provided “Christmas Greetings” flags, Christmas trees, spectacular garden displays and dynamic lights shows. The expressions of the festive season are all around us.

There can be a danger that in the very process of celebrating the reason for the occasion can be forgotten, or taken for granted. Our struggle is to keep the message clear and the presentation of the gospel vivid. This is important for those of us who already Christians as well as for those who are not yet Christians, by conviction and character.

Given the proximity of the Square to the Cathedral, with the wonderful display of the tree and the flower boxes we have the opportunity of providing Christmas Carols Concerts on a regular basis throughout December. These concerts will make it possible for us to enjoy great music, sing the carols and celebrate the coming of the Lord Jesus, who is God in the flesh.

We can invite friends and family. We can welcome strangers and passers-by. We can talk to many people about the Lord Jesus and invite all and sundry along to our Christmas gatherings in the Cathedral.

We are very grateful to the St Andrew’s Cathedral School for providing most of the music and singers for the concerts. We will also have the support of other schools, the Australian Army Band, and the Salvation Army Band. The Two Amigos, Rob Smith and Mike Clark, members of the Cathedral staff, will have their own backing band.

Give thanks to God for the great privilege of celebrating the birth of our Mighty God in this way. Pray for our musicians and singers. Pray for the outreach in the Square to the people of the city of Sydney. Come along whenever you are able.

December Concerts in the Square

Week One:
Friday 2nd
5.30pm and 7.00pm
Evening Concerts

Week Two:
Monday 5th-Friday 9th
1.10-1.50pm Lunchtime Concerts
Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th
6.30pm Evening Concerts
Thursday 8th and Friday 9th
6.30pm Evening Concerts

Week Three:
Monday 12th-Friday 16th
1.10-1.50pm Lunchtime Concerts
Monday 12th
5.30pm Australian Army Band
Wednesday 14th
5.30pm Evening Concert
Thursday 15th
6.30pm Salvation Army Band

Week Four:
Monday 19th
5.30pm The Two Amigos
Tuesday 20th
5.30pm The Two Amigos
Wednesday 21st
7.15pm The Two Amigos
Thursday 22nd
6.30pm The Two Amigos


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