1  Raising an Issue

2  The Problems

a Definitions
i. poly (gamy, gyny, andry, amory)

ii  marriage

iii  how is marriage defined?

b Biblical Examples and Silence i. silent assumption

ii  examples of what?

iii  relationship of Testaments

iv  wives, slaves and concubines

3 Biblical Data

a Creation narrative
i. God’s purpose

ii sin’s impact
ii creation’s fulfilment

b Biblical Presuppositions 

i. laws

ii warnings

c Examples of Polygamy 

i. patriarchs

ii  leaders

iii  kings

iv  commoners

d Levirate marriage

4 Biblical Integration

a Nature of the Bible
i. united under the inspiration of God

ii  a progressive Christ centred revelation

iii  appeals ethically to decree, intuition and utility


b God in History
i. sovereignty

ii  patience, long-suffering

iii  giving people up

iv  law for the lawless

v  governments

vi  fulfilling his plans in Jesus

vii  regenerating his people

c Reading the Bible
i. examples that illustrate principles by propositions

ii  moral propositions

iii  moral consequences

iii Jesus’ logic

d The Genesis of Marriage i. creation of humanity

ii  fulfilled in Christ and his bride

iii  overseers, deacons and widows

iv  God’s way and Our way

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