The Hour Of Judgement

HiThe Hour Of Judgement

The Hour of Judgement

1 The Age of Persecution
 a Satan cast out (ch 12)
 b the dragon and the beasts (ch 13)

2 The Vision of Vindication (14:1-5)
 a Lamb and 144,000
 b new song
 c spotless bride

3 Heavenly Messages
 a the gospel (14:6 -7)
 b Babylon fallen (14:8)
 c the beast’s worshippers (14:9-11)
 d the saints (14:12-13)

4 The Hour of Judgement
 a the earth harvested (14:14-16)
 b the grapes of wrath (14:17-20)
 c the seven last plagues (15:1, 5-8)
 d the victory song (15:2-4)

5 Living under judgement
 a our ambivalence
 b our persecutions
 c our vindication
 d the message for all people


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