The Linchpin In God’s Plan

HiThe Linchpin In God’s Plan

The Law and God’s Secret Plan - 4 Studies in 1 Timothy
Study 3: The Linchpin in God's plan
1 Timothy 3:16, 1 Peter 1:10-12, Luke 24:44-47, James 1:26-27

1 What’s So Mysterious about Godliness?
 a undeniably great but what is it?
 b “mystery” isn’t mysterious but secret
 c godliness isn’t goodliness but religion
2 The Secret of Religion
 a the work of Christ
 b the knowledge of Christ
 c the response to Christ

3  The Church
 a false teachers in the church of truth
 b the law and ungodly
 c the rulers and godliness
 d the church and the mystery of godliness

4 The Linchpin in God’s Plan


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