Who Judges Judges?

HiWho Judges Judges?

Who Judges Judges?

Acts 25-26

1 The drama

 a before Festus (25:1-12)

 b Festus and Agrippa in private (25:13-22)

 c Festus and Agrippa in public (25:23-27)

 d Paul’s defence (26:1-23)

  i introduction (vv 1-3)

  ii Paul the Pharisee (vv 4-8)

  iii Paul the persecutor (vv 9-11)

  iv Paul the commissioned convert (vv 12-18)

  v Paul the preacher (vv 19-23)

 e the judgement (26:24-32)

2 Who judges judges?

 a decision-making

 b framework of thought

 c historical evidences

 d who is judge?


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