3. The Reality of Righteousness


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Originally Published:
28th March 2015

Tagged: matthew sermon on the mount


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Bible passage: Matthew 5:17-48

Date: 28/03/2015


		The Reality of Righteousness

1.	Righteousness 
        a	seeking
        b	persecuted
	c	exceeding 
	d	practicing
	e	seeking

2.	The Principle and Practice
	a	secrecy safeguards sincerity
	b	giving 			
	c	prayer		
	d	fasting

3	The Priorities
	a	unexpressed and unconsidered
	b	but in reality	
	c	for disciples

4	The Folly of Alternatives	
	a	Perishability
	b	Slavery
	c	Impossibility					 
	d	Quality of Life
	e	Faithless
        f	Inefficiency
	g	Paganism

5	The Reality Righteousness