Eternity And Timelessness

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Originally Published:
23rd February 2012

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Series: Ecclesiastes: Eternity (3 of 6)
Bible passage: Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Date: 23/02/2012


		Eternity and Timeliness

      Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

1	The Business to be Busy with 

	a	vanity under sun
	b	enjoyment of the gift

	c	is there no ultimate? 

2	Everything in its Season

	a	everything is beautiful

	b	in its it’s time

3	Eternity in Man’s heart

	a	God put it there

	b	man cannot fathom 

	c	God’s gift is to enjoy life

	d	But God’s work is eternal

4	The Weak and Foolish Wisdom and Power of God

	a	in God’s wisdom human wisdom does not know

	b	the answer nobody expects and most reject