Guidance and the Voice of God


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Originally Published:
13th July 2015

Tagged: guidance


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Bible passage: Colossians 2

Date: 13/07/2015


		Guidance and the Voice of God (Talk 2 of 8)

1 The Pilgrim’s Guidance
a making decisions and God’s sovereignty
b What God can do ≠ What God has done
c What God has done and what God promises to do

2 Colossians 2
a Church the Apostle didn’t know
b as you received, continue
c captivity
philosophy, empty deceit, human tradition elemental spirits
not according to Christ
d judgement
food, drink and festivals
the shadow not the reality – Christ
e disqualification
humility, angels, visions, unspiritual mind, idle notions
not the Head
f submission
rules human commands and teachings appearance but no value
died and raised with Christ

3 The Voice of God
a the creative and saving power
b the profitable inspiration
c the living authority
d the wisdom for living
e the transformed listener