Obadiah: A Brother’s Failure

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
13th July 2011

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Series: Obadiah: A Brother's Failure (1 of 1)
Bible passage: Obadiah

Date: 13/07/2011


		Seeing Things God's Way


1	Judging By Sight

	a	present victory

	b	power, wealth, wisdom

2	The Vision of Obadiah

	a	Edom's sin

		i	Esau's sin						

		ii	Edom's pride v3			

		iii	Edom's brotherly violence

	b	Edom's judgement

		i	nothing left	

		ii	what friends
		iii	retribution

	c	the day
		i	all nations

		ii	Jacob and Esau

		iii	the kingdom of God

3	The Kingdom Now

	a	sight of a single meal
	b	joy set before him