Real Prayer

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
31st July 2012

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Bible passage: Matthhew 6:5-15

Date: 31/07/2012


Real Prayer

      Matthew 6:5-15

1	Real Prayer
	a	prayer
	b	real 
2	False Ways
	a	that they may be seen
		i	the hypocrites' way
		ii	synagogues and streets 

		iii	their reward
	b	that they will be heard
		i	the Gentiles' way
		ii	empty phrases and many words
		iii	thinking	

3	The Father's way	
	a	secretly
		i	sincerity
		ii 	reward
	b	differently

		i	do not be like them
		ii	your father knows
		iii	pray then like this

4	Real Prayer
	a	reality of God
	b	reality of our relationship