Starting The Pilgrimage


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Originally Published:
12th July 2015

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Bible passage: Titus 2:11-14

Date: 12/07/2015


		Starting the Pilgrimage (Talk 1 of 8)

1 The Christian Pilgrimage
a is life a journey or a destination?
b this pilgrimage
i. commenced v11
ii. continued v12-13
iii. completed v13

2 The Pilgrimage Commences: God’s Grace has Appeared
a what is God’s grace?
b why mention God’s grace?
i salvation
ii to all
c how did God’s grace appear?
i gave himself
ii redeem from
iii purify a people for his very own
iv zealots for good
d how does the pilgrim start?
i say “No”
ii godlessness and worldly passions

3 The Pilgrimage Continues: God’s Grace Teaches
a teaches to live
i self-controlled
ii upright
iii godly
b in this present age

4 The Pilgrimage Concludes: God’s Glory will Appear
a waiting
b the glorious appearing

5 God’s Amazing Grace
a in Jesus
b inviting me to join the pilgrimage