Study 4: Timothy And The Mystery Of Godliness

Two Ways Ministries

Originally Published:
31st December 2015

Tagged: 1 timothy


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Bible passage: 1 Timothy 4:1-16

Date: 31/12/2015


		Series: Studies in 1 Timothy
(Talk 4 of 6)

1 Confessing the Secret of Godliness
a faith, belief, trust
b salvation and service

2 Departing from the Faith
a predicted
b the means: spiritual and human
i deceitful spirits and teaching of demons
ii irreverent silly myths
c the ascetic alternative

3 Timothy’s Saving Task
a these things
i put before the believers
ii command and teach
b not myths but train for godliness
i benefits of training
ii benefits of godliness
c not despised but an example
i in speech and life
ii devoted gifted practitioner
d save yourself and hearers

4 The Means of Salvation
a the Saviour of all people
b to this end we toil and labour
c you will save yourself and your hearers