Study 6: Timothy And A Root Of All Evils

Two Ways Ministries

Originally Published:
2nd January 2016

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Bible passage: 1 Timothy 6:3-21

Date: 02/01/2016


		Series: Studies in 1 Timothy
(Talk 6 of 6)

Due to recording difficulties the audio in this series is not available.The written outline of the talk is below.

However we do offer a similar talk given in a different context -

1 The Prosperity Gospel and the Austerity Gospel

2 The Teaching that accords with Godliness
a teach and urge these things (3:14; 4:6,11,15; 5:7,6:2)
b false teaching and money (3-10)
c true teacher and money (11-19)
c final challenge (20-21)

3 False Teachers and True Teachers
a false teachers
i. different doctrine
ii conceited depraved and deprived
b man of God
i. Paul’s commands
ii presence and appearing

4 Money Matters
a godliness is a means of gain
b godliness and contentment = gain
i. from birth to death
ii from desire to ruin
c charge for the rich
i. not…but
ii to do…to be
iii now and then

5 Now and Then
a pressures and pleasures in living for now
b but godliness is living now in eternity