The Day the World Ends

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Phillip is the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral, Australia and regularly preaches at the 10:30am gathering.

Originally Published:
13th October 2011

Tagged: death ecclesiastes end of world


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Series: The Day The World Ends (1 of 1)
Bible passage: Ecclesiastes 7:8a

Date: 13/10/2011


		The Day the World Ends

1	Some Days are Special

	a	some days are better 

	b	suffering calls for justice

	c	there will be an end

2	Longing for the day of the Lord

	a	the hope

	b	two mistakes

		I	wrong side of justice

		ii	think you know what will happen

	c	missing a step

3	The End 

	a	Jesus is revealed  

	b	punishment

	c	glory

4	Living in the Light of the End 1 Peter 4

	a 	praying 

	b	therefore