The Day the World Stood Still

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Phillip is the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral, Australia and regularly preaches at the 10:30am gathering.

Originally Published:
12th September 2011

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Series: 9/11 Special Service 2011 (1 of 1)

Date: 12/09/2011


		The Day the World Stood Still
      Ecclesiastes 3:1-11; Mark 15:21-39

1	First Things First

	a	mourn 

	b	pray 

2	Try to Understand

	a	gaining perspective
	b	days that change the world
	c	September 11
	d	cognitive dissonance 

4	They called it “Simply Evil” 

	a	but there was good 

	b	not meaningless

	c	whose evil?

5	The Day the World Stood Still

	a	God knows 

	b	God suffers 
	c	the day eternity stood still