The godforsaken God


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Originally Published:
8th January 1998

Tagged: god


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Bible passage: Mark 15:34

Date: 08/01/1998


		Talk 6 The Godforsaken God Mark 15:34

1 Godforsakeness
a The appearance
b The action

2 The Outward Journey
a Events
b Enemies
c Friends
d Disciples
e God

3 Faith Unto Death
a Godforsaken yet saviour 1-5
b Scorned yet my God 6-11
c Crucified yet prayerful 12-21
d Testifying to vindication 22-31

4 The Message to the Nations
a Therefore all died
b A new creation
c Reconciling the world
d To be sin

5 The Motivation
a Christ’s love
b No longer … but …