The Hallelujah Chorus

Cathedral at 5

Cathedral at 5 meets on Sunday evenings at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Originally Published:
8th September 2013

Tagged: revelation


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Bible passage: Revelation 18:1 - 19:10

Date: 08/09/2013


		The  Hallelujah  Chorus

1 Darling little ones
a Sub-Christian?
b Joy and sorrow

2 The fall of Babylon
a A mighty voice (18:1-3)
b Another voice (18:4-8)
c The three laments (18:9-19)
d Call to rejoice (18:20)
e Silence (18:21 _ 24)
f Hallelujahs (19:1-9)

3 Understanding Babylon
a Old testament
b What is Babylon?
c What happens to Babylon?
d When does it happen?

4 Responses to Babylon
a Ungodly
b Godly