2. The Law And The Spirit

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Originally Published:
17th February 2013

Tagged: law ten commandments


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Bible passage: Exodus 20 Ezekiel 36

Date: 17/02/2013


		The Law And The Spirit

Ezekiel 36:22-38

1	The Babylonian Captivity

	a	Exodus to Exile

	b	profaning the name of the LORD

	c	God’s action in judgement

	d	God’s action in salvation

2	The New Deal

	a	Gathered by God’s holiness

	b	Gathered for God’s mercy

	c	Gathered into God’s prosperity

3	The Changed People

	a	sprinkle clean water

	b	give a new heart

	c	put my Spirit within you

	d	my people, your God

	e	confession and shame

4	The Pentecostal Experience 

	a	all God’s people 

	b	walking, living and led by the Spirit 

	c	taught by the Spirit 

	d	fruit of the Spirit