The Plea For Christ

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
25th March 2014

Tagged: christ messiah prayer psalms


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Bible passage: Psalm 84

Date: 25/03/2014


		The Plea for Christ

Psalm 84

1 A Strange Psalm

a strange to whom

b the midstream plea

2 Some Background

a God

b Zion

c the temple, courts and house

d the pilgrimage

e your anointed

3 The Psalm

a vv1-4 the blessing of dwelling with God

b vv5-7 the blessing of pilgrimage

c vv8-9 the plea for the Christ

d vv10-12 the blessing of trusting God

4 The Psalmist’s lessons

a values

b struggles

c confidence

5 The Plea for Christ

a the shield

b the temple

c the sun