The Power Of The Tongue and The Lord Is Your Keeper

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
5th August 2014

Tagged: protection psalms tongue


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Bible passage: Psalm 120 and Psalm 121

Date: 05/08/2014


		The Power of the Tongue 
Psalm 120 

1 The Plea

      a distress plea and answered deliverance

      b lies and deceit

2 The Judgement coming

      a the individual

      b incendiary arrows

3 Dwelling Amongst Enemies

      a Meshech and Kedar

      b those who hate pea

      c I am for peace

4 James the Brother of Jesus

      a Jesus

      b James

The LORD is your Keeper

Psalm 121

1 The Plea

      a the hills

      b the help

2 The LORD

      a who made

      b keeps

      c not slumber

      d shade

      e evil

      f life

3 My Keeper