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City Night Church (previously The Bible Talks) meets on Sunday nights at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Originally Published:
27th February 2005

Tagged: 1 corinthians god temple


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Series: 1 Corinthians (4 of 26)
Bible passage: 1 Corinthians 3

Date: 27/02/2005


		1	Become a Fool

	a	self-deception
	b	wisdom that is folly
	c	a fool in order to be wise

2	The Argument

	a	divisions
	b	cross and boasting
	c	God’s spiritual wisdom

3	God’s Wisdom and Boasting

	a	still worldly
	b	God’s work - and ours
		i	nature
		ii	status
		iii	rewards
		iv	temple
	c	No more
		i	deception
		ii	boasting

4	Conclusions

	a	divisions
	b	boasting
	c	ministry
	d	status