The Safe House and The House Of Blessing

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
23rd September 2014

Tagged: blessing psalms


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Bible passage: Psalm 127 and Psalm 128

Date: 23/09/2014


		The Safe House 

Psalm 127 

1 The Building

      a house, city and watchman

      b the vain protection

      c the LORD builds, watches and gives

2 The Family

      a sons or children

      b a heritage and reward

      c the quiver full of arrows

      d speaking without shame

3 David’s House

      a divided and destroyed

      b great David’s greater Son

The House of Blessing

Psalm 128

1 The Blessing of Labour

      a fears the LORD

      b the hands

2 The Blessing of Family

      a wife and children

      b fears the LORD

3 Blessing of Zion

      a the prosperity of Jerusalem

      b the peace upon Israel

4 Their Blessing and Ours