What Must Soon Take Place

City Night Church

City Night Church (previously The Bible Talks) meets on Sunday nights at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Originally Published:
25th May 2012

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Bible passage: Revelation 1:1-8

Date: 25/05/2012


What Must Soon Take Place
      Revelation 1:1 - 8

1	A Double Blessing

	a	the revelation of Jesus Christ 

	b	what must soon take place

2	Grace and Peace

	a	from God

	b	from Jesus Christ

3	Who is He?

	a	faithful, firstborn ruler 

	b	ascribing power and glory

	c	the pierced one coming in the clouds

4	The King and Us

	a	source of grace and peace

	b	loves and freed

	c	made us

5	The King and I