When God Is Against You

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
9th June 2011

Tagged: anger judgement justice nahum


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Series: Nahum: When Justice Comes To The Nations (2 of 2)
Bible passage: Nahum 2 - 3

Date: 09/06/2011


		When God is Against You
      Nahum 2-3

1	Lies and Deceit

	a	no crime
	b	no war

	c	no power
	d	no threat

2	The End of Nineveh

	a	siege 2:1-6

	b	sack 2:7-10

	c	reversal 2:11-13

	d	city of blood 3:1-4

	e	shame and contempt 3:5-7

	f	warning of Thebes 3:8-11

	g	inevitable doom 3:12-19

3	When God is against you

	a	the character of God

	b	the power of God

	c	the certainties of God