Why And How Is Christianity Pharisaic?

Cathedral Bible Study

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Originally Published:
10th March 2011

Tagged: acts


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Series: Acts 2010-2011 (26 of 30)
Bible passage: Acts 23

Date: 10/03/2011


		Why and How is Christianity Pharisaic?

Acts 23

1	Who is in Control?

	a	Paul in chains

	b	Sanhedrin in division

	c	unnamed nephew

	d	Romans

2	Jerusalem Near the End

	a	Romans, Sanhedrin and High Priest

	b	Sadducees

	c	Pharisees

	d	Christians
3	Why and How Christianity is Pharisaic

	a	our prejudice

	b	fulfils not denies

	c	why Pharisees were right

4	Christianity and Cultural Imperialism

	a	religion

	b	Judaism

	c	politics

	d	who is in control

	e	Pharisaic Christianity