Why The Lord Gets Weary

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
3rd November 2011

Tagged: malachi


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Series: Malachi: The True Restoration (4 of 5)
Bible passage: Malachi 2:17 - 3:18

Date: 03/11/2011


		The True Restoration

       Why the Lord Gets Weary

      Malachi 2:17-3:18

1	The Problem of Evil

	a	theoretical

	b	practical

	c	historical

2	Wearying the Lord

	a	by saying (2:17)

	b	but you ask (3:7-8)

	c	yet you ask (3:13-14)

3	God’s Answer in History

	a	the coming

	b	the robbery

	c	the day

4	God’s Answer Today

	a	differences

	b	the same