With Whom Are You Popular?

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
25th September 2012

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Bible passage: Matthew 7:13-23

Date: 25/09/2012


With Whom Are You Popular

      Matthew 7:13-23

1	The Love of Popularity

	a	the natural desire

	b	the ministry desire

2	The Disciples' Situation

	a	the fishermen

	b	the false impression of crowds

	c	Jesus' teaching	

3	The Sermon's Climax

	a	true judgements

	b	the two ways

	    i	the popular

	    ii	the unpopular

	c	the two prophets

	    i	true

	    ii	false

	d	the two judgements

	    i	entry

	    ii	departure

4	Making Choices

	a	the warning to the disciples

	b	with whom are you popular?