Zealous Christians

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Phillip is the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral, Australia and regularly preaches at the 10:30am gathering.

Originally Published:
21st March 2011

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Series: Titus: The Truth About Christians (5 of 7)
Bible passage: Titus 2:11-15

Date: 21/03/2011


		Zealous Christians
 Titus 2:11-15

1	The Reason for the Behaviour

	a	the behaviour vv1-10

	b	the reason v11

2	The Appearing of the Grace of God

	a 	bringing salvation for all people

	b	who gave himself for us

	c	to redeem us from all lawlessness

	d	to purify for himself a people

3	Training Christians

	a	how to live

	b	as we wait

4	Zealous Christians