Just For Starters

Just For Starters

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Publisher's description:

Just for Starters is widely known and used all over the world as 'the' material to do with new and young Christians. It was first developed as follow-up material for the Billy Graham Crusade of 1979, and was used as the follow-up material in Australia for Global Mission with Billy Graham at the beginning of 1995.

Now in its 3rd Edition, Just for Starters, (or The 7 Basic Bible Studies as it is sometimes known) looks at what the Bible teaches on seven fundamental topics: Saved by God, Trusting in God, Living God's Way, Listening to God, Talking to God, Meeting with God's family, Meeting the World.

A new self-training course, to help you prepare and use Just for Starters with a new Christian, is now available: Preparing Just for Starters

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