Christ Church St Ives

Healing Sermons

Individual Talks

Jesus Brings: Life In The Spirit

Just For Starters 1985 St Matthias

Miscellaneous Talks Pre 2003 St Matthias

Miscellaneous Talks Pre 2003 University Ministry

Right With God 1986 Campus Bible Study

Romans 'A' Series 2006-2007

Romans 1990 Campus Bible Study

Romans 1991 Campus Bible Study

Romans 1996 Romans 1 - 11 The Bible Talks

Romans 1997 Romans 12 -16 The Bible Talks

Romans 2-4_2006

Romans 2000 St Matthias

Romans 2001 St Matthias

Romans 8 1982 Campus Bible Study

Truth And Tolerance Mid Year Conference 1995

War, Peace and Government



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