Habakkuk #3: A Basis For Joy

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
9th December 2011

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 Where is God’s Justice?

      A Basis for Joy

      Habakkuk 3

1    How do you Feel?

    a    the three emotions of man

    b    the normal anxieties of life

    c    the abnormal anxieties of life

2    Habakkuk’s Prayer (3:1-2)

    a    I stand in awe

    b    renew in our day

    c    in wrath…mercy

3    Awesome! (3:3-15)

    a    God in creation

    b    God in Exodus

4    Habakkuk’s Response (3:16-19)

    a    decay in bones

    b    patient wait

    c    though…yet

5    Prayer and the Christian

    a    rejoice

    b    anxiety

    c    request

    d    thanks

    e    re-assurance