Phillip is a Bible Teacher and Evangelist with Two Ways Ministries, both modelling and training others in preaching the gospel by teaching the Bible.

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Proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus
Challenging and recruiting Christians into this great work
Training gospel workers
Guiding Christians into new ministries

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Faithful teaching, fresh insight, relentless evangelism–all have marked the ministry of Phillip Jensen. Two Ways to Live is a tool that we’ve found to be both a faithful summary of Bible teaching and a fresh, clear way to put across the Gospel to non-Christians.

Mark Dever
Capitol Hill Baptist Church
Washington, D.C

Phillip’s life and teaching has prepared generations of people over several decades for God glorifying gospel saturated ministries. As one recipient it is my prayer that this continues for many years to come.

Richard Chin
AFES National Director

Two Ways Ministries rests upon a God-centered understanding of the Gospel drawn from the deep wells of all the Scriptures that is robustly theological (in contrast to many of today’s gospellite schemes) and, as such, provides the ground for preaching evangelistically from the whole Bible.

R Kent Hughes
Sr. Pastor Emeritus College Church

‘The Faith once for all delivered’ is what saves us and it is our only hope. For half a century now Phillip has powerfully proclaimed, called for wholehearted commitment to and bravely defended and advanced this faith. I look forward to seeing God continue this work through Two Ways Ministries.

Archie Poulos
Head of Department of Ministry
Moore Theological College

The great perennial need in this sin-enslaved world is to train Christians to think clearly about what the gospel is, and how to articulate it. In this domain Phillip Jensen’s contribution continues to be incalculable.

Don. A. Carson
New Testament Research Professor
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School