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During Phillip’s ministry between 1976 and 2003 many talks were recorded in different contexts. Most were never intended for an international audience. These talks can be better appreciated if the context in which they were delivered is known and understood.

Campus Bible Study

Phillip was Chaplain of The University of New South Wales (or UNSW) from 1975 until 2003. During this time he delivered Campus Bible Studies. These talks were intended for non residential, undergraduate students during their lunchtime. Nevertheless both residential and non-residential students, as well as postgraduates and undergraduates attended CBS. The continued explanation of the Scriptures to hundreds of undergraduates had a life changing effect on a generation of students.

Uni Church

From 1976 to 2002, Phillip was the main speaker at Unichurch on the main campus of the University  of New South Wales. Unichchurh was attended primarily by undergraduate and postgraduate students who lived on campus or in the suburbs surrounding the university. These students came from all over Australia as well as overseas, and many who were converted at Unichurch took the gospel back to their home towns and countries once they’d completed their studies. Unichurch changed location several times over the years, and was responsible for planting many other congregations.


Mid Year Conference (or MYC) was the annual one-week residential conference for Christian students of the University of New South Wales. Several hundred students attended each year. Phillip spoke at MYC from 1976 to 2002, and has spoken at similar conferences for other universities from the early 1990s until 2011. These recorded talks and question times formed the evening programme after the students had undertaken a solid day of Bible study.

St Matthias

Phillip was Senior Minister at St Matthias church from 1978 to 2002. St Matthias is a family church in the centre of Sydney. The sermons were recorded each week at the church. During that time the congregation grew from around fifty to many hundreds.  Although there were many university students particularly in the evening congregation it continued to be a family church.

Club 5

Club 5 was a residential weekend conference aiming to recruit people into full time public gospel ministry.


Phillip Jensen has spoken at many evangelistic missions since 1972. The context of these talks ranges from university and church missions to public explanations of the gospel in city Town Halls.