Want to wrestle with God’s Word and develop a great network of other Young Adults who want to live single-mindedly for Christ?

Thursday Forum is the backbone of what we do – hear Phillip Jensen teach the Bible, ask your questions, discuss the implications in small groups with others in the 18-30 age group and pray together. This year we will be digging deep into the book of Romans – so bring your brains, Bibles, questions, and friends!

Location: Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, Newtown

Time: Thursdays 7-9pm (BYO dinner to eat together from 6pm)

Dates for Forum 2024

Term 1 15 Feb – 28 March

Term 2 18 April – 23 May

Term 3 20 June – 25 July

Term 4 19 Sept – 24 Oct

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You can listen to the edited audio recordings of Term 1 here.