Ephesians 3

Glorify God

Talk 1 of 5 in the Series MYC 2007 The Purpose of Church

The next talk in the Series is The Heavenly Perspective

  1. The Church in Ephesians
    • 3:20-21 Why Glory in the Church?
    • 3:10 How through the Church?
    • 5:22-31 husbands wives Adam Eve
  2.  Understanding Ephesians
    • mystery
    • heavenly places
    • the saints
    • the faithful
  3.  The Sovereign Plan of God
    • blessings of God
    • first hoped in Christ
    • you also
    • the prayer for Gentiles
  4.  How God’s Plan Operates
    • dead men raised
    • gentiles made fellow citizens
    • the gospel preached
    • the mystery made known
    • the church demonstrates
    • Paul’s prayer
  5.  Church in our Lives
    • what is it all about
    • significance of church

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