True Government

Talk 1 of 2 given at the King’s Birthday Conference 2023 at Moore Theological College. This talk was given by Peter Jensen. The next talk is Long Live the King?

Talk Outline

Introduction: To Rule and be Ruled

The Fundamentals

God Rules

  • Through Christ
  • Towards the End

Humanity is Revolting

  • The groaning creation: the arena of this life
  • The broken image: shattered relationships
  • The true image: one for many

Human Government

  •  Experienced at every level
  • The human longings for freedom and order

How should Australians be governed?

  • Accounting for sin, individual preciousness, and community
  • Attending to the first duties of love: Justice and safety
  • Allowing for the distribution of power
  • Authorising a properly accountable hierarchy
  • Accepting that law and education require human transformation
  • Acknowledging that the government is not the nation
  • Accepting that the centre exists to serve the local
  • Animating citizens to bear the responsibility for wisdom and love

Conclusion: Being an Australian Christian

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