Abraham’s Faith

Talk 13 of 19 in the series: Romans 2008/9 Cathedral Bible Study

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And to the one who does not work

but trusts him who justifies the ungodly,

his faith is counted as righteousness

Romans 4:5


  1. Boasting Excluded
    • on the law of faith not works
    • overthrowing or upholding the Law
  2. Abraham: The Classic Case from the Law
    • nothing to boast about
    • The Old Testament Text
  3. The Logic
    • boasting works vs humble faith
    • counted as due or gift
  4. The Righteousness
    • the one who trusts
    • him who justifies the ungodly
    • counted as
    • David concurs
  5. The Implications of the Timing
    • Abraham’s circumcision
    • the Father of faith
  6. What is this Faith
    • believe, belief, trust depend rely
    • Him who justifies the ungodly
    • God who counts righteousness apart from works

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