The Miraculous Teacher

Talk 2 of 16 in the series Mark Convention 2008. These talks were delivered on 2 occasions across Australia Day and Queens Birthday Public Holidays. They cover the whole of the Gospel of Mark.

We apologise that the video file has incorrectly had the Cathedral Bible Study introduction sequence added at the start, however the video itself is correct and from the above context.

The next talk in the series is The Man of Division

  1. Reality testing
    • strange
    • opinions
    • checked
  2. An evangelist
    • negative
    • reality
    • message
  3. An authority
    • negative
    • calling
    • teaching
    • forgiving
  4. A conqueror
    • evil
    • illness
    • sin
    • preaching
  5. Privately public
    • be quiet
    • crowds
    • solitary
    • don’t tell
  6. Amazement 1:22; 1:27; 2:12
    • who? what?
    • reality testing

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