1 Timothy

Watch Your Life

The second of 2 talks given to Dubai Uni Students in 2018.

The first talk in this series is Watch Your Doctrine.

Sermon Outline

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely

Watch closely

How?: Persist in them

Why?: Save yourself and your hearers

Why the letter was written

1:2, 2:7, 6:21 public private – missionary letters

3:14-15 know how one ought to behave (conduct yourself)

Missionary Behaviour in God’s Household (1)

2:1-7 prayer for all in authority

2:8 men in prayer

2:9-11 women in good works

3:1-7 Overseers

3:8-13 Servants

The household confession of truth: godliness is God’s action in Christ Jesus

Departing from the Faith

4:1-2 Spirit predicted the spiritual misleading<- through liars – insincere seared consciences

4:3-4 Deny creation

Teaching that accords with godliness

4:6-16 the good servant of salvation

5:1-2 treating people properly

5:3-16 honouring widows

5:17-24 honouring elders

6:1-2 honouring masters

6:3-10 godliness and gain

6:11-16 the man of God: flight, pursuit, fight, hold and keep.

6:17-19 the rich

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