2 Corinthians 5

The Motivation of Authentic Christian Ministry

The last talk from the Mission Minded Weekend Conference in 2013, for young people considering full time ministry.

For other talks by Phillip aimed at people considering full time ministry, please see Considering Full Time Ministry.

Sermon Outline

        1. Why evangelize
          • who (me?)
            • the problem of the Pharisee 
            • the problem of the inclusive ‘we’ 
          • why
          • the work of the Lord
        2. Paul’s Two Appeals (comforts)
          • be reconciled to God
            • God reconciled the world to himself
            • we are ambassadors for Christ 
          • not to receive the grace of god in vain   
            • Isaiah 49 
            • now is the favourable time 
        3. The Motivation of Authentic Christian Ministry
          • The smelly captives 
          • the slaves of the Lord 
          • looking to the eternal 
          • the aim to please the Lord 
          • the fear of the Lord
          •  the love of the Lord 
          • view of others
          • the gift of the ministry of reconciliation 
          •  not receiving the grace of God in vain 
          •  now is the favourable time 
        4. The Work of the Lord 

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