The Removal of Evil- Queen’s Birthday Conference 2021

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  1. The World’s Removal of Evil
  2. God’s Removal of Evil

For other Queen’s Birthday Conference Talks from other years, please see Queen’s Birthday Conference.

Two Ways Ministries

Our Aim

Training a network of evangelistic leaders to live boldly and single-mindedly for Christ.

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21

Our Work

Thursday and Friday Forums

Forums are two hours of fast paced, interactive, teaching sessions run for 18-30 year olds at Moore College. They aim to recast our thinking about the gospel and evangelism. Our topic for the upcoming Winter Term is Evangelising to a Hostile Mindset. More info at

Trajectory Weekends

This year we are running multiple small weekends for 18-30 year olds. We think together about where we’ve come from and where we’re going to, in the light of God’s grand plan for the world and our part in it. We also spend time being trained in giving a short evangelistic talk or testimony – Join us for our next weekend August 6-8! More info at

Launch Camp

A camp for school-leavers keen to live for Jesus in the next phase of their lives! Held in the first week of February, Launch is where you build networks, meet other Christians from your Uni campus group and be challenged with what God’s Word says about the rest of your life. More info at

Student Minister Training

Our eight Student Ministers have weekly training sessions with Phillip while studying at Moore College, as they help us build our network. They play a crucial role in running and teaching at Forums and Trajectory weekends.

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Talk Outlines

Talk 1. The World’s Removal of Evil

  1. What is Good?
    • God is good
    • the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
  2. What is Evil?
    • dictionary
    • continuum or quantum
  3. The World’s Removal of Evil
    • the persistence of evil
    • the atheists’ removal of evil
    • why remove evil?
  4. How to Remove the Concept
    • change your world view
    • reclassification
    • censorship

Talk 2. God’s Removal of Evil

  1. Evil in the Bible
    • frequency
    • less serious
    • more serious
    • values
    • determination
    • personal
    • spiritual
  2.  God’s Removal of Evil
  3. Christian Removal of Evil

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